Your Essential Guide to a Day at the Races: How to Come Prepared

Horse racing aficionados would be quick to confirm that spending a day at the races is an exciting and exhilarating experience. But whether you are just beginning to get in on the sport or are a seasoned fan yourself, there are some distinct ways to prepare for a visit to the race track.

Dressing for a day at the races

There is often a required dress code for the Club Enclosure (also called the Members Enclosure) at racecourses. The dress code for men is usually a jacket or coat and tie. If you are not completely sure about how to dress, you can give the course a ring. Whilst some people may think that you have to dress as fashionably as you can, the principle is simply to dress presentably and comfortably. Since you may also be doing a good amount of walking, wear comfortable shoes as well.

What you should bring with you

It would be a good idea to bring a newspaper or the Racing Post with you which contains a list of the runners and also some relevant details. Don’t forget to bring enough cash so you can place the bets you want. However, some racecourses also have banks where you can cash a cheque. You can also buy vouchers at the racecourse with credit cards or cheques.

If you are planning to bring a camera, you must make sure that the flash is disarmed, as it can upset or distract the horses. A camera with a flash is also a good way of upsetting your neighbours and the rest of the audience.

What you should know about enclosures

As mentioned, there is the Members Enclosure, which is the top of the line. This enclosure is usually for the course’s annual members, but is also available to those who aren’t members for a fee. The daily fee or charge for the Members Enclosure varies per racecourse as well as the importance of the event. In any case, just be prepared to spend from £12-15, but this can quickly rise to double the amount during a big event. Fortunately, for major events and meetings, you can also make advance reservations – in fact, it’s a necessity for some of the biggest gatherings.

The kind of enclosures you can choose from

As you may have already guessed, the Members Enclosure is known for having the best view plus the best amenities and facilities. Having a badge for the Members Enclosure also entitles you to use the facilities in the next enclosure, which is the Grandstand/Paddock/Tattersalls. The entrance fee for this is around £8-10, but can be more at bigger events as well. At this enclosure, you will also have access to the winner’s enclosure, where you can see the horses at close range, and the parade ring. It also gives many options for food and beverage. The Tatts has the typical ambience you can expect with an exciting racecourse, complete with bookies and other usual horseracing participants.

There is also the Course or Silver Ring Enclosure, which has the least expensive fee ranging from £3-5. This doesn’t come with access to the winner’s enclosure and parade ring, but it has food and beverage and betting facilities. However, at some race tracks, vehicles are allowed at the course, and people can also have their own picnics.

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