Why You Shouldn’t Play at Online Casino from Another PC

It’s odd to hear some players complaint that they lost money because someone got access to their account. Usually such players put the blame on online casino. In order to avoid such a situation, you should never gamble from other PCs but yours.

Gamble on your own PC

The worst scenario is when you gamble at some Internet club where no one can guarantee you your personal data safety.

You shouldn’t work at work, at your friend’s or relative’s place. You hardly know who has access to their systems and what software they have installed, let alone malware. So if you decided to play for real money, make sure that only a limited amount of people have access to your PC.

Where is Danger?

If login and password that you entered on another PC became known to swindlers, there is high possibility that you may lose all the money on your account.

It’s even worse if you entered your credit card number or other personal financial information on some other PC.

What To Do?

If you have even the smallest suspicion that your login and password became known to other people, you should change them immediately. Contact customer support and ask them to suspend all your financial transactions on your account. The same is true for credit cards.

If you prefer playing slots on mobile phones, the situation is becoming more complex. As you know, people often lose or get robbed of their mobile phones. The advice is simple: make sure you exit your personal cabinet at online casino every time you are done playing. Don’t tick the option «Remember login and password» in settings of your casino application or your browser. Remember that other people get unauthorized access to players’ account due to negligence of players themselves.

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