History of online bingo – A Blast From The Past Powering Into The Future

In order to get a hurried history of online bingo, we first have to dash back to medieval times, when the original bingo games was created. Generally speaking, most people accept that the history of bingo stated on www.internetbingosites.com got its origins in 1530, with an Italian lottery game called Lo Giucco del Lotto D’Italia (rather un-originally). The game cracked on two hundred years later (things took a long time to get passed about back then), it became Le Lotto. By 1929, it was known as “Beano” in the United States, no doubt brought there by immigrants. Somehow, the name got lost and it was soon pronounced “bingo”. A man known as Carl Leffler then spent his time creating up to 6,000 individual bingo cards, with the numbers already printed onto them. What he had actually done is turn the lottery, into the first ever bingo game.

From there it spread backwards, retracing its steps back to Europe, where it eventually landed in the United Kingdom, to become a global phenomenon throughout the 1960’s, 70s, 80s and to some degree the 90s. Indeed, several new variants of the game were designed. Many bingo clubs were constructed throughout towns and cities across the country. However, by the early 2000s, bingo has been brought into the online gaming world.

Although its popular wasn’t immediately clear; gradually, online bingo picked up more and more followers, as gamers realised that it was far more beneficial to play from home, and at any time of the day, with the possibility of picking up bonuses for your efforts too. But with so many people no longer hobbling off down the bingo clubs, and playing at home instead; something had to give.

By 2007, it had. The old bingo clubs which had sustained the country for many decades, began to fall into decline. With only the elderly really making the trip out, and most of the younger generation playing from home, the smaller bingo clubs could no longer support themselves, on either side of the Atlantic.

If that didn’t kill of the bingo clubs, then mobile bingo did. Just a few short years ago, mobile gaming became bigger than ever before, and when online casino games made their way onto the mobile platform, bingo followed it. Now players can play bingo from the comfort of their own homes, or on their mobile phones and tablets whilst on the go. The revolution has seen bingo become one of the most popular games in the United Kingdom, and hundreds of bingo sites have sprung up, again mostly centred around the UK market.

In the US, bingo still tends to be a social event, but in the UK the bingo clubs are almost all gone. The UK is arguably the number one country for online bingo, although other European countries (Scandinavian countries and Ireland aside) don’t seem to have taken to the game as much.

So there it is, a very hurried history of online bingo!

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